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Hi, I’m Jasmine and welcome to my food blog Rock the Whisk! I started this blog because first and foremost, I have dreams of one day making my mark, building my own, and helping others while doing so. From a very early age, I’ve been baking… and over the years, I’ve come to use it as a way of expression and even stress relief. Now, after life pulling me in all sorts of directions, I’ve pulled all my skills together into a brand new blog that will showcases my baking skills, photography skills, teaching skills, and cross-cultural skills.


As of 4/5/15, Rock the Whisk is so new and I have so many ideas and projects planned. I’m in the process of finding my voice but my ultimate goal is this: I hope that when people come here, they’re learning. Not just learning how to cook and trying new recipes, but learning about the world around them and gaining more compassion for mankind as a whole.


That’s a tall order for a simple food blog, isn’t it? How the hell can a lil’ ol’ baking blog do that? If you follow along with me, maybe you’ll find out! And if you want to make the world better by way of food and have any suggestions/collaboration ideas, I’m all ears! Leave a comment or hit me up on social media.



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