Black and White Wedding Bell Cookies with Bows

wedding bell cookies with bows



Ding dong ding dong!


I made these black and white wedding bell cookies for an old high school friend named Taryn :) She’s my very first customer!


I didn’t have a double bell cookie cutter, so I took a cue from other cookiers and made it out of one. Can you see where I joined them?



wedding bell cookies using one bell cookie cutter


I got a little worried as they started to bake… you see they spread a little, even after freezing the dough for 10+ minutes. But alas, they came out fine.


wedding bell sugar cookies


The thing that took the most time was the writing. I chose “Parisienne”. I still don’t have my kopykake so I tried my best to mimic the style with the whispy “M” with only pure hope and good intentions. 😛


parisienne font M




Yeaaaaaaaaa, not QUITE exactly there LOL! I’ve always been scared to write cursive and this project, of course, reminded me why.


#1 How the hell do these people write such fluid lines without the icing being too runny?!

#2 How the hell do these people keep their piping tip from clogging ever 30 seconds?


Like, how? And lord knows I didn’t want to do trace the M onto tissue paper, and then trace what I wrote onto the cookie. (For anyone confused, check out the tissue paper method over at SweetAmbs). That’s ok for a few, but honestly, I was way too lazy to do that for all 40! And my food pen is way too thick anyhow.


Soooo, that’s why I broke down and bought a kopykake. As soon as it comes in the mail, I’m gonna do the most obnoxious happy dance the world has ever seen. I might marry it.


But in the meantime, I do what I can :) Perfection takes time and practice, and I’ve only been decorating for 4 months. It’s a short amount of time, but I’m very proud of what I’ve done regardless. 


black and white wedding bells with bows



My favorite part are the cute, little red bows. I went to Michael’s and picked out the sheer red ribbon, cut about 4 1/2-inch pieces, and tied them in a bow. Honestly, that part took me quite a while because it ain’t easy tying such little pieces of fabric! And of course, I ended up running out of ribbon midway through and had to go get more during the work week, haha. But I think it was absolutely worthwhile. Like, who wouldn’t like those bows?


All in all, I had a wonderful time making these. It was such a great learning experience on so many levels. The writing, the cookie cutter mash, the bows. All of those steps were completely new for me and I just pushed forward on my little cookie journey, trying new things.


I’m so grateful that Taryn liked my past work enough to ask me to do cookies for such a special occasion. So if you’re reading this, Taryn, thank you! I’ll make desserts for you anytime you need them :)

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